About FishSki Provisions

FishSki Provisions is born from a love of adventurous activities and adventurous foods, Rob and Tania are happy to share our kitchen with you.

Who We Are

Rob and Tania met at college in upstate New York and since have traveled the country and the world seeking great adventures and interesting food. A few years back we settled in the Southwest, where fly fishing, skiing, and chile abound. FishSki Provisions gives us a chance to share our passions with you: interesting food (with chile) and an opportunity to give back to outdoor adventures. At least 1% of every sale supports conservation and recreational access.

Why FishSki? Because there is nothing funnier than a fish on skis, we hope enjoy our mac and cheese!

Our Recipes

Our first recipes are an homage to our home in Colorado and New Mexico. Throughout the Southwest there is a question more important than any other: green? red? or Christmas? Green chile being Fishski founder Rob’s favorite. He will eat green chile on most anything. Red chile being founder Tania’s favorite. Tania’s been doctoring her mac and cheese for years with red peppers then with Hatch Red Chile. Christmas being red and green together. While we don’t recommend mixing our two recipes we heartily suggest enjoying both separate, often. FishSki won’t be stopping with our first two offerings.

We continue to try and test different things and look forward to bringing you even more delicious and interesting foods. Have a recipe idea? Email us at fishski@fishskiprovisions.com we would be thrilled to try it out.

Our Packaging

When packing for river and backpacking trips, or whatever adventure you’re off to next, space is a major consideration and boxed mac doesn’t cut it. Your typical boxed macaroni and cheese takes up too much room and isn’t water resistant. We made sure our packaging was perfect to take on the go. Additionally, our recipes include the best real cheese requiring nothing but two cups of water to prepare. No need to take milk or butter into the backcounty with you. Take FishSki Provisions on your next adventure!

Instagram Fun

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